Lindblad's Alaska
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The Experience

Experience the grandeur of Southeast Alaska; the thunderous crack of an iceberg calving, breaching humpbacks and foraging brown bears. Hike verdant old-growth rain forests and kayak peaceful coastlines. Or opt for a massage or reading time when the spirit moves you.

What’s it like?

Alaska Expedition Cruise - What's it like?

Learn how you’ll spend your time during your cruise and/or land extension. Learn what’s it like »

Alaskan Wildlife


Find out more about the Alaskan wildlife you’ll experience on your cruise. View Alaskan wildlife »

The Expedition Team


Learn more about the team that make these cruises rich. Learn more about the Expedition Team »


Photography Cruises

Our team of photographers will help you take the best photos of your life. Learn more about photo cruises »

Culture & History

Alaskan Native Culture

The human story of the region is dramatic & interesting. Learn more about Alaskan native culture »

Life Onboard Ship

Life onboard ship

Amenities, great food, camaraderie, comfort & wellness. Learn more about life onboard »

Family Cruises

Family Cruises

Alaska family cruises are an awesome experience for all ages. Learn more about family cruises »



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Top Ten Reasons


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