Lindblad's Alaska
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Alaska Photo Cruises

Expedition Photography: Shoot with National Geographic photographers and photo instructors to get your best shots ever.

Every Alaska expedition offers an unprecedented service: a Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic certified photo instructor on board. Photo instructors are naturalists specially trained to coach you in getting the most out of your camera. They are there to help all photo enthusiasts, and especially beginner-to-intermediate-level photographers, better understand their camera’s settings, elements of composition, and use of light—skills that last a lifetime. You’ll learn to shoot close-ups of Alaskan fauna. Capture an action shot of a bear leaping into a stream. And get tips for shooting small town life while exploring a tiny fishing village. It’s the expedition of a lifetime, and you’ll go home with the photos to prove it.

Photo Expeditions are special departures that sail with at least two photo instructors and a National Geographic photographer. These itineraries are crafted to make the most of every photo op and take advantage of the best light. Hikes and Zodiac cruises move at a photographer’s pace, and onboard seminars offer tips and tricks on shooting as well as post production. Photographers of all skills and interest levels are welcome, and everyone participating will go home a better, more confident photographer.